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ICEA Certified Educators and Doulas are committed to family centered maternity care and freedom to make decisions based on knowledge of alternatives. Contact your local educator or doula.

Certification Process

ICEA is a long established childbirth education organization providing a comprehensive training program. Become certified and begin the journey to a rewarding career.

Certified Educators

ICEA is committed to offering continuing education and networking opportunities to our certified educators and doulas. Together we can promote family centered maternity care.

4 Ways Acupuncture Can Support a Healthy Pregnancy

  Although pregnancy and childbirth are a beautiful, natural process, there is no denying that many women struggle during this time. Early miscarriages, pain and nausea throughout the pregnancy, and difficult labor are just a few of the possible complications. An increasing body of scientific research supports the use of Eastern medicine, particularly acupuncture, in conjunction with Western treatment methodologies.

Preventing Stillbirth with Count the Kicks! by Tamela J. Hatcher M.Ed.

What is someone told you that approximately every 20 minutes in the United States a baby is stillborn. 

Heartbreaking, isn’t it….but what if?

What if you knew a simple, no-cost technique that could save some of those lives? 

Wouldn’t you want to tell everyone you knew?

Together, we can.  

The birth of a friendship, the birth of a cause…

Summary of the 2015 Lamaze & ICEA Joint Conference

Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas was the site of the second joint Lamaze and ICEA Conference.  But the glitzy Vegas strip had nothing on this conference!

Safe Infant Sleep Practices by Donna Walls, RN, BSN, IBCLC, ANLC, ICCE

During the last decades not many other topics have caused as much controversy as “safe infant sleep”. In 2005 and again in 2011 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended against “bedsharing” as part of a SIDS/SUIDS reduction program. Little emphasis was placed on other SIDS/SUIDS risk factors such as smoking, formula feeding, sleeping on couches or parental use of drugs and/or alcohol which may affect their ability to respond to their infant.


I was just a new nurse in a busy labor and delivery unit (two years) when I decided to try childbirth instructor position.  One of the requirements was national certification so I chose ICEA.  As a new member I was encouraged to attend an ICEA national conference and was excited to be part of the sessions.  I can still remember the exact chair I was sitting in, the size of the room, the smell of the air when I had my first “epiphany” ….

Hearing from Our Clients: Badly Wanting to Breastfeed, a Guest Blog from Leacoln Cantrell

A note from the Blog Manager: This story has some honest, but gory details - it's an incredibly inspiring story of perseverance. If you've EVER struggled with breastfeeding difficulties, please read this.

Hearing from Our Clients: My Biggest Struggle Was My Greatest Victory, Guest Blog by Shelly Collie

My breastfeeding journey was my hardest journey, but also my greatest victory. I was pregnant with my first child, due in February, and I knew without a doubt I would breastfeed him.

Informal Milk Sharing

Informal Milk Sharing


Most resources involved in maternal-child health agree that breastfeeding is the best feeding choice for both mother and baby. But for some women breastfeeding can be difficult or impossible and they want to supply human milk to their infants, but how?

Happy 55th Anniversary ICEA from Elizabeth Smith, MPH, ICCE, IBCLC, RLC

I joined ICEA in August of 2000.  I was hired to teach at the University of Utah Hospital but certification was required.  I looked at Lamaze, Bradley and ICEA as options.  I went with ICEA because the motto “Freedom to make decisions based on knowledge of alternatives” struck a chord with me.  I love when pregnancy, labor and birth can proceed with no/limited interventions, but I also knew from experience that sometimes choices have to change.  Having the knowledge and skills to cope with those changes is important.  After enrolling in the CBE prog

The Safe Use of Essential Oils by Donna Walls, RN, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC

On the heels of ICEA releasing a new policy statement on the use of essentials oils in pregnancy and after, here is a piece written by one of our board members, who also happens to be an herbalist and aromatherapist. If there's anyone we should listen to about the safety of essential oils, it is Donna Walls, RN, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC.