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Guest Blog: Black Women Do Breastfeed - Supporting Mothers Through Social Media by Angela Malloy

A note from the ICEA blog manager: In honor of Black History Month, I thought it would be fun to hear from one of my favorite Facebook pages. One of the biggest factors in breastfeeding longevity is support, and this is something a lot of Black mothers are lacking. Please read about Black Women Do Breastfeed, as written by one of their awesome moderators.

Best Flu Prevention: Motherly Advice

There is an ad running in North Carolina, cautioning everyone to get their annual flu shot because it is “the BEST prevention for the flu.” It’s been running several times a day on all of our channels since October. A couple of weeks ago, several news outlets reported that the 2014-2015 flu vaccine has an efficacy rate of 23%.  Maybe they need to pull that ad, as it’s not helping anyone’s anxiety about this year’s flu season.  People hear “23% effective” and think “WAIT!

Breastfeeding and Pain Relief by Donna Walls, RN, BSN, IBCLC, ICEA Director of Lactation

We’ve always known that babies love to be close to their mom. They also have lower stress levels and more stable vital signs when skin to skin. But now we also have research to support the pain reducing effects of breastfeeding and skin to skin care.

How Skin-to-Skin Holding Helps Achieve Breastfeeding Success by Donna Walls, RN, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC

Skin-to-skin contact--defined as the mother wearing no bra or camisole while holding her baby on her chest naked or wearing only a diaper--beginning immediately after birth is the best start for breastfeeding success.

Celebrating National Midwifery Week

Did you know that it’s more dangerous to give birth in the United States than in 49 other countries? Thousands of women die in childbirth every year and over a million suffer complications that affect their daily lives[1]. That doesn’t begin to count the number of women traumatized by their birth experiences or the general culture of fear surrounding childbirth in this country. So what’s the answer?

Highlights from the PSI 2014 Conference

by Kathy Morelli, LPC, (www.kathymorelli.com)

As a childbirth professional, are you interested in Maternal Mental Health? Did you know that Postpartum Support International (PSI) is the original and leading organization dealing with perinatal mood disorders?  Perinatal mood disorders is the leading complication of childbearing and affects approximately 1 in 7 moms across all cultures and socioeconomic populations.  

Doris Haire ~ Founding Mother of the Childbirth Movement (August 20, 1925 – June 7, 2014)

For most of her adult life Doris Haire worked to improve maternity care, a founding mother of the childbirth movement.  Throughout her career, which spanned four decades, she visited more than 75 countries to meet with health care professionals, observed obstetric care, and gathered data to underscore the need for parent involvement in childbirth management and education.

Microbirth Documentary Feature Film Coming Soon!

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The ICEA Board Of Directors is proud to announce…The Military Mothers Initiative

To support our military families and military service personal, the ICEA takes pride in announcing the Military Mothers Initiative.

This Initiative includes:

For those seeking professional status with ICEA: