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ICEA Certified Educators and Doulas are committed to family centered maternity care and freedom to make decisions based on knowledge of alternatives. Contact your local educator or doula.

Certification Process

ICEA is a long established childbirth education organization providing a comprehensive training program. Become certified and begin the journey to a rewarding career.

Certified Educators

ICEA is committed to offering continuing education and networking opportunities to our certified educators and doulas. Together we can promote family centered maternity care.


I was not surprised to find myself laughing in this breakout section, but I was surprised to see how many educators in the room had been teaching for 15, 20 and even 30 years! As an instructor who uses humor as my staple way of teaching, my first thought was: Crap, I don’t have THAT much funny material! Rhonda encouraged us not to “try” and be funny, but to find the funny in reality and highlight it. To mix it up and not tell the same jokes each class.

2008 Convention B.E.S.T. Certificate

Birth Professionals every where work hard, and often without being acknowledged for the care they provide to families. Please know that ICEA honors and acknowledges you. We took the time at the 2008 ICEA Convention to Celebrate Childbirth Professionals for all that you do. Download the B.E.S.T. certificate for Birth Professionals that Empower, Serve, and Touch families everywhere. Keep it in view reminding yourself of the amazing work that you do.

Convention 2008: Day Two

Research Update with Debby Amis

I am sitting in this session and it is packed full of amazing new research studies from all around the world. So much new information is coming out to support normal birth and breastfeeding, this session has really opened re-energized my commitment to family centered maternity care. Download the materials for this session because she has given you all of her slides reviewing each study in easy to understand terms

Breakout Session One


The Pajama party seemed to have started before I got to the room, as the first non-board member to enter the suite I think that says a lot about the energy of our Board. The wine hadn't been opened yet, but everyone already seemed giddy. It didn't take long for the pj clad members to fill the many rooms of the suite. Leopard print silk sat next to gray sweats and everyone seemed comfortable and well entertained. All the ladies of the Board circulated the crowd answering questions and listening to concerns.

Convention Pajama Party Rocks!

Jeanette Schwartz, ICEA President, hosted a Pajama Party for convention attendees to celebrate and mingle! In keeping with the convention theme, "Celebrate Childbirth Professionals".

Attendees had a wonderful opportunity to network with fellow peers and relax. The room filled quickly by 9:30 p.m. on Friday, and the chatting and fun times lasted past the suggested curfew.

It was such a fantastic time to unwind and connect with fellow peers.

Convention 2008: Day One

What a great start to Convention!! We are so excited to see so many new face along with those who we have met before.

We kicked off the evening with a rousing version of "ICEA" sang and danced to the tune of YMCA. That's right, us childbirth educators got funky and it was all thanks to Dolly Wagner who wrote the lyrics.

Newsflash: Maternity-care failings can be remedied with cost-saving fixes

A new report, "Evidence-Based Maternity Care: What It Is and What It Can Achieve," lays out the good and the bad.

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Newsflash: Cribs Recalled

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Delta Enterprise Corp., of New York, N.Y., is announcing the voluntary recall today of about 600,000 drop side cribs. The crib’s drop side can detach when the spring peg is not engaged, which can cause an entrapment and suffocation risk to infants and toddlers.

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Newsflash: Statins May Prevent Some Miscarriages

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs may help prevent miscarriages in women suffering from complications caused by the autoimmune disorder antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), a new study says.

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Moving Forward

The ICEA Board of Directors defines how moving our headquarters from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Raleigh, North Carolina “moves” the International Childbirth Education Association forward. Although making the decision to leave Minneapolis was difficult, especially after our long and valuable relationships with the community and the employees, relocating in North Carolina is a move to foster the continued growth of ICEA for years to come.