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ICEA Certified Educators and Doulas are committed to family centered maternity care and freedom to make decisions based on knowledge of alternatives. Contact your local educator or doula.

Certification Process

ICEA is a long established childbirth education organization providing a comprehensive training program. Become certified and begin the journey to a rewarding career.

Certified Educators

ICEA is committed to offering continuing education and networking opportunities to our certified educators and doulas. Together we can promote family centered maternity care.

President-Elect Obama requests ideas to improve Maternity Care

Childbirth Professionals, advocates, and families have the opportunity to let our voices and opinions be heard. At Change.gov you can share your ideas to improve the United States health care system. President-Elect Barack Obama reminds us of the power of the individual voice. Be part of the change you're looking for.


Teaching Evidence-Based Mother-Friendly Classes

The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) has an assessment tool that childbirth educators can use to determine if their childbirth classes empower families to make informed decisions, and if their childbirth classes provide evidence-based information.

Download and take the assessment. Discuss what you learn among your peers.

Evidence Questions Restrictions of Food and Fluids in Labor

The Clinical Bulletin from the American College of Nurse Midwives released May 19, 2008, states that, "Drinking and eating during labor can provide women with the energy they need and should not be routinely restricted."

President's Report "Chicago Birth Summit"

On Saturday November 8, we were honored to represent The International Childbirth Education Association at the historic Chicago Birth Summit. The summit gathered together members from major birth organizations that support mother-friendly, evidence-based maternity care. Most importantly, the group met as a response to AMA/ACOG's public resolution against homebirth--a resolution that stands flatly in opposition to current research regarding its safety.

A collective statement made by the group is as follows:

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Historic Birth Summit

ICEA was a participant in the historic Chicago Birth Summit held on November 8, 2008.

What Julie learned at 2008 Convention

Hi Ladies,

I've been busy ever since the conference but wanted to get this note out to you both. I found the conference invigorating as I always do - it's nice to be surrounded by like minded people. I've compiled a list of what I learned. Some was new, some I just needed to be reminded of. Here goes:

  • I should add HUGS to my Parenting the Newborn Class.
  • If you're a hammer - everything looks like a nail.
  • Press rather than push that baby out.
  • My daughters aren't afraid to dance.

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