Expectant Parents

ICEA Certified Educators and Doulas are committed to family centered maternity care and freedom to make decisions based on knowledge of alternatives. Contact your local educator or doula.

Certification Process

ICEA is a long established childbirth education organization providing a comprehensive training program. Become certified and begin the journey to a rewarding career.

Certified Educators

ICEA is committed to offering continuing education and networking opportunities to our certified educators and doulas. Together we can promote family centered maternity care.




Managing Pregnancy Stress

Quick Tips helping women cope with the stress of life and the changes of pregnancy.




Urgent Health Care Discussion

Health care is a top priority for President-elect Obama and for Senator Tom Daschle, Secretary-designate for Health and Human Services (HHS). They both are committed to health care reform that comes from the ground up -- that's why this holiday season, they're asking childbirth professionals to give the gift of your ideas and input.

Sign up to lead a Health Care Community Discussion at a birth center in your area, your home, or even a local coffee shop, anytime until December 31st.

Contest to Challenge View of Childbirth

National Advocates for Pregnant Women seeks entries written by law students addressing the question of what statutory, constitutional, and/or human rights arguments can be made to challenge the trend of banning pregnant women from having a vaginal birth after a cesarean section (VBAC), among other controversial issues facing childbearing women today. The winner receives $1,000.

2009 Healthy Birth Guide

Choices in Childbirth has a free Healthy Birth booklet available to the public with valuable resources and evidence-based information. It includes articles that provide empowering tips preparing women for childbirth. Download the 2009 Healthy Birth guide and see the beautiful picture of two week old Olive with her mother Sara and read the poem next to her photo (page 23).