What Julie learned at 2008 Convention

Hi Ladies,

I've been busy ever since the conference but wanted to get this note out to you both. I found the conference invigorating as I always do - it's nice to be surrounded by like minded people. I've compiled a list of what I learned. Some was new, some I just needed to be reminded of. Here goes:

  • I should add HUGS to my Parenting the Newborn Class.
  • If you're a hammer - everything looks like a nail.
  • Press rather than push that baby out.
  • My daughters aren't afraid to dance.
  • Lift each other and we'll all be lifted.
  • I'm jealous of Amber from Orgasmic Birth :)
  • Moms need to be supported with losses as well as gains.
  • Stress is perceived.
  • Evidence based practice isn't practiced much.
  • I can move to the future with the computer.
  • Sometimes quitting is good.
  • Slow down and listen.
  • I have alot of work to do - Penny Simkin is 70!
  • Ripples are awesome.

I thank you both for my Doula training and for the work you do on a daily basis. I appreciate it. In this time of change I find we're already doing what we should be - supporting moms and new families - what a concept :)



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