ICEA Contact Hours

An ICEA contact hour is a specific amount of time spent participating in an educational program.  Contact hours are computed as sixty minutes of education equals one contact hour and resemble nursing continuing education credits (CEUs).

ICEA contact hours are offered by workshops or programs that have been reviewed and approved by ICEA. Contact hours are approved for traditional face-to-face learning situations and are reviewed on the basis of program content and faculty qualifications.  Each program will verify the attendance of participants.  All ICEA conventions, conferences, and Professional Training Workshops will award contact hours.  A complete listing of all upcoming ICEA approved offerings can be found under the EVENTS TAB on our website.

Organizations related to childbirth education can apply for contact hours for face-to-face instruction programs. ICEA accepts and automatically honors contact hours obtained by attending any of the following programs from the approved providers and sponsors listed below that grant continuing education credits and hours.  Those approved organizations include but are not limited to:

  • Lamaze
  • DONA
  • ALL continuing educational offerings that have been granted Nursing Contact Hours are transferable and can be used toward ICEA Recertification as long as they are birth-related and apply to the field of childbirth education, breastfeeding, newborn care.

It is the responsibility of the candidate or certified member to confirm whether ICEA contact hours have been granted prior to attending a program or event.

Alternate Contact Hours

Alternate contact hours may be approved for learning formats such as correspondence courses, video or audio tapes. Alternate contact hours must be applied for by the program sponsor, and approval must be awarded prior to use by the candidate or certified member. Candidates and certified members may use alternate contact hours for one-half (12.0) of the required hours for recertification.

Retroactive Contact Hours

Retroactive contact hours may be requested by the candidate or certified member for face-to-face educational programs that did not apply for ICEA contact hour approval or meet any of the above prerequisites. The responsibility lies with the individual to provide ICEA with the information needed to review the program. The individual must also submit a processing fee with the materials.

Forms & Guidelines

Contact Hour Guidelines and Application701.5 KB
Contact Hour Application (Sheet For Speaker/Session Information)302 KB
Retroactive Contact Hour Guidelines133.48 KB
Retroactive Contact Hour Application134.01 KB
Application For Additional Offerings of an ICEA Approved Contact Hour Program138.15 KB